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While Makhachev will be the taller man in the enclosure, the expected size differential between these two bosses is possible exaggerated.
Volkanovski ordinarily faces taller rivals (Holloway is 5-foot-11), however he has long arms and frequently conveys the arrive at advantage in his matchups.
He ought to have the speed advantage in the striking. Volkanovski’s hit and lead low kick will be powerful weapons to keep Makhachev at kickboxing range – and keep him from getting simple passages to endeavor takedowns.
Saying this doesn’t imply that that Makhachev will not contend in the striking. He has considerably further developed his generally speaking MMA game past his wrestling, and he outmatched Charles Oliveira on the feet.

In any case, in a drawn out battle, I anticipate that Volkanovski should get his peruses, make his changes, and in the end begin dismantling Makhachev in the boxing subsequent to dialing back his development with leg and calf kicks.

All things considered, a drawn out battle would require Volkanovski to keep the battle standing or over and again scramble back to his feet after takedowns along the wall.

Makhachev has the absolute best top tension in the game, and when he gets on top of rivals, it tends to be very hard for them to recuperate and get back to their feet. Additionally, he succeeds at taking the back, which could spell almost certain doom for the round – or the battle – assuming he gets back mount.

Coach: Alexander Volkanovski not big threat to Islam Makhachev

Until now, no warrior has had the open door to outpace Makhachev all through five rounds since they couldn’t draw out the battle enough – or pick up sufficient speed – to drag their battles that late.

I anticipate that Volkvanoski should give more opposition than Makhachev’s past rivals. And keeping in mind that that actually may not be sufficient to overturn the stifling grappler, it could prompt more open doors for Volkvanovski to complete the battle.

I’m not especially captivated with either warrior’s solidness. Volkanovski has been more than once wrecked or wobbled all through his UFC profession (however never took out) while Makhachev was smoothed (yet as a – 130 #1) in his main vocation misfortune.

While Volkanovski could outperform Makhachev more than 25 minutes, it very well might be to his greatest advantage to forsake his point-battling strategy, clench down on the mouthpiece, and forcefully seek after a completion in the pocket.

Volkanovski, a 34-year-old Austrailian, desires to win his thirteenth sequential UFC session – and secure a second belt in his terrace – while drawing one stage nearer to the Mount Rushmore of MMA GOATs. All things considered, he has barely anything to lose by climbing in weight.

Makhchev, a 31-year-old local of Dagestan – whose degree of contest on his ongoing title run has been legitimately reprimanded – will confront the greatest trial of his vocation against quite possibly of his most brief rival. By and by, his run has been out and out predominant, and he’s substantiated himself a commendable replacement to Khabib Nurmagomedov’s lofty position on the 155-pound division.

UFC 284 Odds, Pick & Prediction for Islam Makhachev vs. Alexander  Volkanovski: A Prop Bet for Champ vs. Champ (Saturday, February 11)

Underneath, I’ll give my investigation and projections to the battle card finale and use those elements to wager on the UFC 284 headliner between Islam Makhachev and Alexander Volkanovski.

Volkanovski has a reasonable power advantage, and keeping in mind that his entering the pocket could make it more straightforward for Makhachev to find the secure and finish trip takedowns, playing the external game will definitely prompt him getting compelled against the wall and raising a ruckus around town at any rate.

I hope to see “activity warrior” Volkanovski in the octagon on Saturday night – pushing forward and chasing after a belt like a canine on a bone. Makhachev can’t wrestle as proactively in the event that you keep him on the back foot.

In any case, selling out for a knockout all through the battle will just pass on open doors for Makhachev to track down prevailing positions or possibly entries – in scrambles and changes – as Volkanovski exuberantly attempts to return to the striking.